Amend the Data Protection Act to prevent anyone from blocking your access to information they hold about you.

Every authority that holds information about you should have an office open to the public where you can access your file/s on demand.  If you can show photo ID such as a passport or driving licence your file should be made available for viewing immediately.

Why is this idea important?

Currently the right to see your files is too restrictive.

The system is too slow and authorities automatically refuse access to files as they know that the systems for appealing the refusal is also too slow.

Additionally authorities have the right to withhold any item in the file for reasons that are spurious at best.  Individual employees can refuse permission for you to see something they have written – they usually refuse in order to protect themselves when they know that the information they have included in your file is inaccurate – without seeing the full file you are denied the right to correct inaccurate information.

If access on demand was allowed then whole systems within official bodies would be improved as the ability to deceive and lie would be removed from official employees – they would find themselves forced to be accurate, honest and truthful if they knew you could access your full file on demand. This would restore justice to the individual,  reduce stress on the individual and reduce overall costs in many systems.

In the long run this would be a cheaper system as there would be no need for an appeals system.

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