The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 (as amended 2009) require all producers of substances deemed hazardous waste (which covers a huge number of substances from used engine oil to fluorescent lights) to register with the Environment Agency and pay an annual fee, in return for which they receive a registration number and nothing else.  Companies which collect and dispose of hazardous waste are not permitted to collect waste from a producer who does not have a valid registration number.

So if you aren't registered, you cannot dispose of your waste through legal channels.  If you are a fly-tipper you aren't going to register anyway, and it is pretty unlikely that the government will come looking for you.  What we have is a scheme where law-abiding businesses pay millions of pounds a year so that the Government can employ staff to sit in an office and process hazardous waste producer registrations which are of no use to anyone.  Not to the businesses, not to the waste disposal companies, not to the Environment Agency.  It's a makework scheme funded by yet another tax on business, and a prime example of 'gold-plating' EU regulations to impose a burden on businesses that the EU itself never intended. Scrap it.

Why is this idea important?

Every pound taken out of businesses by the Government is a pound that cannot be invested in business expansion and growth.  Everyone accepts the need for businesses to be regulated, but the regulations need to have at least some benefit somewhere.

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