The current laws surrounding Confiscation Orders allow the Crown to take all the assets of convicted criminals (and as I understand it, even those who have been acQuitted) without any regard for the needs of any dependent children.

This should be stopped and these laws should be made to take into account the housing reQUirements of any dependent children, who suffer enough when their fathers (or less usually, mothers) are convicted and imprisoned.

The linking of assets seized with the size of the bonus individual policemen receive should also be stopped, as this is just plain wrong.  Policemen should not be rewarded fiscally above and beyond their salary according to how much money they manage to claw back from defendants.  The bonus culture within Banking created enormous problems and this system of remuneration is not something that should be replicated within a Public Service like the Police Force.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because it will help to stop the cycle of crime that often blights families in which a parent has been convicted of a crime.  It is very difficult to convince children that the law is something to be respected and abided by when it allows the Crown to take their homes without any regard for their needs.

Whilst this legislation was originally designed to ensure that prolific criminals did not keep the trappings of their criminal lifestyle (which in itself is not an unreasonable aim), it is regularly used even when there are no assets except the family home, and children and wives/partners are conseQuently being made homeless.  This should not be allowed as it causes unnecessary hardship and adds to the suffering the children go through when they lose a parent through no fault of their own.

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