Revoke Sections 14 and 17 of the Leeds Supertram Act 1993.

Advertise the (lease) to the private construction and operation of the system in the European Journal. (Section 66).

Why is this idea important?

The Leeds Supertram Act was passed in 1993 to allow the construction of a new tram network in Leeds.

Sections 14 prevents work from starting without the consent of Central Government. (Irrespective of how the tram network will be funding, -publicly or privately).

Section 17 allows the Executive (West Yorkshire Metro) and Leeds City Council to build a trolleybus network or similar system instead of a tram network. Removing Section 17 would ensure that Leeds was able to build a suitable tram network.

There should not be a restriction on the commencement of the scheme by Central Government if a local Government or a private business (as permitted by section 66 of the Act)

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