Amend section 37 (Acts of Union) of the Scotland Act 1998 (which reads, "The [1706 c. 11.] Union with Scotland Act 1706 and the [1707 c. 7(S).] Union with England Act 1707 have effect subject to this Act") so that it requires a referendum on the Union with wording similar to that of section 1 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Also, amend the Government of Wales Act 1998 accordingly to the same end.

Why is this idea important?

At the moment, the Union of England and Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland seems to be under great strain.  Many Scots want independence from England.  Many English want Scotland to have independence or want England to become independent.  The United Kingdom seems to be a Disunited Kingdom.

We need a referendum throughout the United Kingdom on this subject, asking all British voters if they want (a) the Union to be dissolved, or (b) the Union to continue and stay in existence (with or without modifications, including the establishment of an English Parliament).  This will, hopefully, quash once and for all the nationalist voices in all countries of the United Kingdom who want independence. 

We are better together than we are apart!

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