I think the blanket ban on smoking should be relaxed, especially in pubs. I would however agree that if children are present, or food is being served then the ban should stay but, in your average "spit and sawdust" local where the most food you can get is a packet of pork scratchings, there should be an indoor smoking facility. Going back a bit most pubs had a smoke room or a vault. It shoud be up to the landlord to decide and have a sign displayed: "This is a smoking pub" or "This is a non-smoking pub" I'm sure that the vast majority of the British public wouldbe capable of deciding which one they wanted to go in!!

If the previous government had really done it for health reasons, then why didn't they ban the sale of all tobacco? Answer, they'd lose millions in tax. Also the arguement of protecting the staff doesn't hold water. If you don't like the smoke, don't work there, after all, you wouldn't be a scaffolder if you didn't like heights!

Hardly any other EU country enforces a blanket ban but have made sensible laws that give people a sensible choice

Why is this idea important?

Thousands of pubs have closed down putting countless people out of work, partly due to cheap drink at supermarkets I'll agree, but you ask any landlord what has contributed to the downturn the most and it will be the smoking ban.

Also, it would stop gangs of people standing outside the pub smoking, which I'm sure some passers by find rather intimidating.

Finally, I think the law to a large extent is,to a degree, harming the very people it was intended to protect. It encourages, if not forces people to drink an smoke at home, very often in front of children, who, aren't present in your average local.

I'm not saying it shold be lifted completely, just give people the choice of which pub they want to go into, one that allows smoking, or one that doesn't.

After all, tobacco is a legal product.

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