Child Abandonment Law states that all mothers who abandon their babies under 2 years of age are prosecuted.  I would like this to be amended so that a mother who leaves her unwanted baby in a "safe" place, i.e. an NHS facility, fire station, police station or church, can do so without the fear of being prosecuted.

Why is this idea important?

So far in 2010 two babies have died as they have been left in places where they were not found in time.  This is two babies too many.  Times have changed, the public is more weary of bags left at stations or in the street. So the time has come to amend the law too.

The US has the Safe Haven Law, which was adopted by all 52 states.  Most European countries have this amendment written into their abandonment law and they provide "baby hatches" at hospitals.

Where this amendment to the law is in place there have been increases in the number of abandoned babies but all have reported an increase in the number of mothers who have come back to claim their child.  This cannot happen with a dead baby.

There are no policies or procedures currently in place to deal with foundling babies, I hope to raise the awareness of this.  On one document I have read it states "there are more polices in the UK for abandoning your car, than there are for an abandond child".

Please help me save future babies and give them a chance a life!!

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