My suggestion is that

1) A landlord must be compelled to register any property to be let with the local council, where a register of owners can be accessed by neighbours.

2) A written complaint can then be made to the landlord in respect of any anti-social behaviour. The landlord should then be made responsible for resolving the situation by negotiation with the tenants : i.e a warning.

3) In the event that the situation is not resolved, the landlord's obligation should then be to seek an eviction order through the courts (or by some other speedier system facilitated by the change to the act) and evict the tenants.

Why is this idea important?

Whilst commenting on a post on this forum, I realised that more and more people are being affected by this situation:

Many people who have a house for sale are, during the present downturn in the housing market, letting their properties. Added to this are the growing number of amatuer landlords.

Neighbours of the new tenants may be lucky; may get on well with them and have no trouble. Many others are not and, after living peacefully in a good area amongst owner occupiers who look after their own properties reasonably well, suddenly find themselves living next door to the 'neighbours from hell.' This happened to me, several years ago, and similar situations are developing (to a lesser extent) across the road from me – one to an elderly couple in their mid 80's.

When faced with this situation, the neighbour has little recourse… he/she probably will not even know the name or contact details of the landlord. If the same situation were to arise on a council estate, the neighbour would complain to the council. Continued complaints and continuing anti social behaviour would inevitably result in the eviction of the troublesome tenant. Hence the owner occupier – who may have spent many thousands of pounds in mainitaining their property – have less rights than council tenants. That, to me, is simply not fair.

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  1. We renters are not all bad! I have lived next door to owner occupiers who have been neighbours from hell! I have nothing against your proposal against nuisance neighbours, but do not like your predjudice that owner occupier are somehow superior.

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