The specific section of the above act that makes it illegal to supply R18 Movies via mail order should be reviewed.

Why is this idea important?

As a member of the British Public, and an adult over the age of 18, I should be able to buy via mail order anything that is available on the High Street, however, it is a criminal offence for any company or individual to supply an R18 movie other than in person in a licensed sex shop.

I feel that this restricts my civil rights to be able to purchase a DVD through the post. This restriction does not apply to 18 certificate DVD's, so why should it apply to R18 DVD's

Also as a business with a Licenced sex shop, and a film producer, I am unable to supply my customers with movies through the post, I can only sell to them in person in my shop or via wholesale to recognised Licensed sex shops or other wholesalers, I believe that this restricts my business.

It is allowable for European Companies to supply British customers via mail order, provider the company is not British, I think that this is a mockery of a single European market, and favours any company trading outside the UK.

I believe that the playing field should be leveled and if the Government is concerned about regulating such a mail order market, they should allow in the first instance Licensed Sex shops to conduct mail order of R18 movies, as these businesses have already passed regulatory checks such as police background and money laundering etc.

Furthermore, I understand that the original reasoning was that adult movies not be sold to those under 18, so perhaps insist thal all order be paid for via credit card (only available to over 18's) or that a declairation be signed confirming age, or that some form of ID is supplied in photocopy format.

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