The smoking ban must be amended to allow everyone a choice.

Pub,s cafe,s hotel,s bingo hall,s should be allowed to state whether they want to have smoking allowed or not, which should be clearly displayed at the entrance. It should also be illegal NOT to have a smoking room indoors at every airport . This would undoubtably relieve the stress of flying for many people while at the same time not affecting the many who choose not to smoke  I can understand the need for some places to be smokefree for people who have certain medical conditions, but the present  law goes completely over the top. The only way this country is going to be truly open for business is to amend this draconian ban and allow the British people to use it,s amenities for social occasions and once again for holidays. Incidentally it will also send a clear message to the rest of the world that it is once again a pleasant place to visit and they will be made  most welcome  and appreciated.                                       



Why is this idea important?

In the current economic climate, private enterprise must be allowed to flourish. The smoking legislation at the minute is extremely detrimental to the hospitality trade. Millions of people now do not go to the local pub or in fact take their holidays in this country, choosing instead to go abroad where they are catered for and where they can socialise in comfort.

The loss to the treasury must be truly enormous.

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