This is an idea for economic liberty rather than legal, so it is slightly off the invited topic.

I note that the Christian Brothers have stated that they will only co-operate with a government enquiry (not the UK government but the same sort of thing in Eire) if complete anonymoty is guarenteed.

At such a point in proceedings, I suggest it is time to nationalise UK assets of the organisation, liquidate those parts which serve no popular purpose to the mainstream of the population, and donate the takings to a trust fund to support those who have suffered from such organistions.


Why is this idea important?

The balance has finally shifted from a few people who were bought-up in certan instituions being regarded as victims to the lot of them, minus a few who came-out smiling.

This change in the balance of how Bernados. the Christian Brothers and such are seen should be reflected at some point in law. I do not know the tipping point in each case – when the state should say "Bernado's: my arse", but  in the case of the Christian Brothers they seem to have made the decision themselves.

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