I am a primary school teacher and have voted liberal since I was 18. Children today require an exciting curriculum that is innovative and tailored to their world yet this has become increasingly stifled by teachers being reluctant to allow children to experience exciting activities full of discovery because of the fear that they will personally be held accountable for events which are out of anybody's control. This ranges from using a candle or ice cubes in science lessons (where  a risk assessment has to be carried out) to allowing children access to sitting on the grass (where children may be allergic to ticks or bugs in the grass). Of course children need to be protected and cared for yet surely they also need to experience our world, full of wonderful things, without teachers having to put their own liability on the line? I myself am a primary school teacher and have knowingly risked liability in the interest of children's learning. I don't think the government can actually do anything about the blame culture that we have at present but would like to express my frustration in any event, for the sake of the poor children of Britain forced to sit through a multitude of safe powerpoints. Poor things.

Why is this idea important?

Children deserve better.

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