We have just become part of local council selective licensing in our area. We think that this is a money making scheme for the local council and surprisingly our tenants agree. We are a small business that has 3 properties and we are grateful to the council for pointing out some work that needs to be done. Most of them are Health and Safety issues and the problem that we and our tenants have is that the council seem to have forgotten that these are peoples homes and not places of work. I do not have handrails all over my house in case I fall. The cost of this to us as a small business is huge due to the fees that we also have to pay to the council for nothing.

 It is not in our best interest to let our properties go to rack and ruin as it affects the resale value which is already bad enough.

As one of our tenants pointed out "the council should take care of their own proprties before lording it over others", as many council properties in our area are in a terrible state.

Why is this idea important?

Selective Licensing does not get to the root of the problem which are the absentee landlords who buy up  houses in bulk, cheap and do not check out their tenants because they are only interested in getting the rent. This leads to the anti social behaviour that we see so often these days. I would like to see the council use their powers to go after the real offenders and not persicute  the good landlords who are easy targets because we are here. We and our tenants have found their tactics to be threatening and bullying especially with regards to the tenants, who, after all are the innocent parties in all this.

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