This is more of a rant than an idea so please bear with me! All comments are welcome!

The topic of this rant is PROBLEMS.

I would like this government and all future governments to accept the undeniable fact that will force them into passing whichever laws they will pass next. That fact is of course…. their failure to solve a problem.

In all walks of life we are faced with a variety of problems, some much harder to resolve than others.

It is on this basis that I would request that the current and future governments accept responsibility before passing any further such act that restricts the people’s liberties.

I would like all governments from now on to publicly release a statement upon passing any new law stating how it came to the conclusion this law will work and the reasons it was unable to eradicate the problem altogether.

Something along the lines of "We have looked into the problem of ……….. and we have….:

A) absolutely no idea how to fix it and are therefore banning the public from doing said thing”

B) decided it is too costly to fix it and are therefore banning every single member of the public from doing said thing”

C) decided that we are too busy to implement a method of resolving the problem and are therefore banning the public from doing said thing”

D) listened to the advice of independent government appointed officials and yet ignored them and folded under the pressure placed upon us by the tabloid media and are therefore banning the public from doing said thing (in the case of Mephedrone)”

E) decided that this government is not prepared to take the risk of solving the problem for fear of backlash from the media and the opposition party (especially with an election coming up soon *wink wink*) and have therefore decided to ban the public from doing said thing”

Think of any law recently passed or in discussion to be passed in the future that you feel has encroached upon your civil liberties in one way or another. I'm sure you will quickly come to the conclusion that the act of law in question was put in place because the government neither had the time, money nor means to solve the initial problem in the first place.

Without going into detail on certain subjects, I’m sure if you consider the following UK laws and many, many others you will quickly come to the conclusion that all of these measures are the direct result of our past and present government’s inability to solve problems and taking ‘the easy way out’ by simply banning, prohibiting or criminalising something or someone:

The Digital Economy Bill – rushed through parliament, needs a complete overhaul and rethink.

Misuse of Drugs Act – completely outdated. Human beings have and always will strive to seek temporary states of altered consciousness, regardless of if the substances are prohibited or not.

Drink Driving Laws – completely pointless intention to lower the limit further. Statistics show the people consistently breaking this law are doing so in quantities well above the current limit. Lowering the alcohol limit will change nothing. Perhaps a look into technology that will render a vehicle immoblised whilst the operator/driver registers a high breathylser test value on the vehicle??

Anti-Terrorism Laws – complete overhaul and radical rethink required on this subject. Let’s put terrorism into perspective. 52 innocent people have died from a terrorist attack on British soil in this decade. That puts the odds of a UK citizen becoming fatally injured from a terrorist attack at well over a million to one. As horrific as these attacks are, we CANNOT allow our own personal liberties to be violated as a result of them. To cower to these terrorist maniacs would be to give up everything that is British, a people who are far used to plugging away in the face of adversity.

My rant is nearly at an end! I hope others out there agree with me on the ridiculously outdated methods of running this county when a new problem arises. It simply will not suffice any longer for our elected officials to run scared of the problems they are elected to deal with and take the easy way out by passing laws in the same fashion as before.

The message of this rant is clear!

To our elected officials; Analyse our laws (past, present and future ones) in an objective manner! Tackle each problem head on with a view to actually solving it, as opposed to just thinking up a way for the problem to persist unlawfully. If you are unable to solve the problem, admit you faults! You expect us, the public, to admit our faults on a regular basis so you should do the same if you are unable to solve the problems for which you were elected to solve in the first place.

Why is this idea important?

I feel its time to move forward and look to the future.

Obviously, all the problems that plague our society today will have to be elminated in the future by one way or another. Im sick and tired of new government after new government 'passing the buck' on on a wide range of social issues simply to save face or maintain political reputation. Let's start making a real change to our society by addressing real issues head on and solving them completely. Let's look to the future instead of constantly looking to the past.

When I use my imagination (what limited one I have :P) and think to the future, I simply do not see a society where people are locked up for making the decision off their own back to smoke a herb or ingest a chemical. I can quite easily picture a world where technology (technology which we have available to us now I might add) could eradicate the ability of someone who's clearly bladdered after 8 pints of Stella to drive a vehicle.

Our elected officials are there for one purpose and one purpose only…. to serve us, the public, to the best of their ability. It's high time they dealt with issues like the un-winnable war on drugs or the smoking ban or the immoral bankers once and for all.

People are fully capable of making up our mind on a wide variety of issues. We do not need draconian style laws dictating to us what we can and cannot do!

Rant Over! Thanks for your time and well done if you managed to read through all of the above in one sitting!

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