it is quite absurd for an anti smoker who drives  to say that he or she objects to having their clothes or hair stinking of ciggarette smoke, because i a smoker can say i object to their  stinking car fumes , which incidently is much worse anyway. if we have a smoking ban because of comments like this then i ask this government to implement a car ban

Why is this idea important?

because we can not have one law for some and not for others. and another point is that if smoking is illegal, why then are tobbacco products still sold openly in shops, and also i visited a non smoking pub recently and was astonished to see a working ciggarette machine in there,and to put the tin lid on  it  there was a no smoking sticker on the machine. please take notice government you obviously aught  to invest heavily in a massive mental hospital construction there is clearly no shortage of potential inmates.

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