I notice from the video on the home page that The Deputy Prime Minister listed repealing the anti smoking legislation as an idea already put forward that would NOT be taken up.

However, I have to ask WHY ?

This legislation is unpopular almost universaly with all smokers and is harming the entertainment industry not to mention the fact that die-hard smokers such as myself and my husband have not visited a pub, club, bar or restaurant since the ban was introduced.

Plus as the proprietors of a small business we need more staff but cannot employ anyone due to this legislation as we insist on maintaining our right to smoke in our office and vehicle. We will NOT employ anyone if that would mean that we would have to stop smoking in our working enviroment.

Furthermore, the ban has made us both more defiant. we have pledged NOT to quit smoking as we feel that this legislation is an unjust infringement of our civil rights. We even refuse to allow non-snokers in the car and display signs in every room of our home that enforce the right of visitors to light up at will.

We actively defy this legislation and encourage others to do the same. It is bullying the public and takes away the rights that you claim you want to restore.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because this legislation is unjust and has overtones of a comunist regime.

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