Abolish the need to keep formal ASB diary sheets for use as evidence against perpatrators.  E-Mails should be acceptable.  Firstly, it saves money (less paper and stamps). Secondly we have been completing diary sheets for 6 years now without anything much happening as a result to combat ASB in our neighbourhood wo what exeactly is the point of them?

Neither the Police nor any other organisations appears bothered when people have noisy parties etc at weekends, most authorities are shut and by the time you get to Monday the problem is over and you have had another sleepless weekend!

A call to the Police, Crimestoppers or any other involved organisation such as local authority or Housing provider should be cross-matchable and traceable.  We need a central point of contact and a database for noise abatement and/or Anti-Social Behaviours.  We need someone to contact every day of the week to help stop ASB, not jsut weekdays!

Why is this idea important?

Because the Public are becoming frustrated with the lack of coordination between the various authorities in combating petty crime.  Most crime is not enforceable in Court anyway (CPS is useless) and all it usually needs is someone in authority (Police or PCSO) to call round and tell the perpatrator they are carrying out an act against the local society. 

Unfortunately, the Police seem not to be able to co-ordinate or cross-reference complaints involving the same people(s).  Using diary sheets which go to various different organisations depending on the content is a slow and cumbersome way of dealing and frustrates the complainant even more because they rarely get feedback.  Why can't the Public be heard by e-mail or phone? 

There must be a better way to deal with this?

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