Radio 4's tedioulsy smug serial drama "The Archers" consistently fails to represent a cross-section of British society.

Ambridge is shamefully devoid of immigrants, refugees or religious minorities.

By casting white, middle-class, rural people the show fails to represent modern farming which is clearly diverse and tolerant to all groups of people (I admit that there is a Geordie cast-member these days but I don't think she can be considered to be an ethnic minority)

The occaisional gay, lesbian or trans-gender cow wouldn't go a miss either.

Why is this idea important?

People who listen to The Archers are often tediously dull Radio 4 addicts. Therefore they deserve it.

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7 Replies to “Apply ethnic quotas to the cast of “The Archers””

  1. Who gives a dam you lot need to get out moor, all the issues we have going on now & you give this space Really…….

  2. How utterly ridiculous.
    This is ENTERTAINMENT for crying out loud. (And anyway – there is some ethnic diversity, probably reflecting real life in a village.)
    These people should get over themselves. We are all sick of political correctness.
    (And I am from a mixed race family, before there are howls of rage.)

  3. How utterly ridiculous.
    This is ENTERTAINMENT. You people should get over yourselves. We are all sick of political correctness. There is an ‘ethnic’ representation in ‘The Archers’, anyway, probably reflecting that in an actual village. Perhaps you should actually listen to it before you cast aspersions and insult everyone.
    (And before there are howls of rage – I am from a mixed race family.)

  4. Bugger 9 bob notes and illegal imigrants from my favourite serial. This is a program about rural life and originally to make aware the latest farming information to farmers. My only gripe with the program now and I have been listening since I was a toddler waiting for children hour, is that the charactors all sound the same, and coming from the same local area in real life that is just not correct. Even Usha does not sound like a Pakistani.

  5. Just read tinky winky again and she cannot differentiate between Geordies and Sunderlanders and there is another minority character who is Scots.

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