I hate to think how many "laws" i broke as a child, but i was fortunate enough to grow up in a time before lawyers took control of our children's childhood.

We went to the plum orchard , and sitting on the railings in the early Autumn sun we devoured those delicious juicy plums (Theft and Trespass?). As Autumn slid into winter , we went armed with saws and axes , to fell a few branches for our Guy Fawkes bonfire (Carrying an Offensive weapon, and criminal damage ?) , and if that gang from over the hill tried to rob our bonfire or set fire to it , we gave em "what for" (arson, affray, common assault)

did i tell you about the time we found a load of "treasure " yahoo… well actually it turned out to be a store room for our local paper ,in a dilapidated old house (breaking and entering , and theft- again)

And the time we went "camping" , didn't tell our parents ,and the four of us ended up getting chased across the fields by the local Bobby and then a trip home in a Black Maria (not sure what laws we broke — bound to be some). Its sad to say my friends are no longer with us , but at least they will never end up with a criminal record.

When i look back from that time to now — I wonder what sort of society we have become –and i am just so glad i am not a child of today….

Why is this idea important?

Have we forgot that children see things through the eyes of a child, and not though the eyes of a lawyer, politician or a civil servant.

We have civil servants and local government officials who are so busy empire building and proving their own importance , they spend their time  dreaming up new and absurd laws to further fetter the  lives of us all and especially our children. The politicians then create these laws for fear of being seen as "too soft", and the lawyers come along and dream up more ways of creating additional income from the misery these "laws" will cause.

Then its the turn of the poor old copper — and he/she gets the backlash from the public — but they are in a no win situation –cant turn a blind eye , cant give the kids a clip round the ear (wow i can already hear the cries of child abuse), so they must propagate this farce still further, and turn our children into criminals. and so the spiral begins all the way to delinquency and jail folder –what a waste …

Yes i'm glad i'm not a child of today. The "Do Gooders" are killing our kids not with verbal or physical abuse, but with rules and regulations "designed to protect them" or so they say .


I reckon i must be totally "politically incorrect " I just want children to be kids while they can…

I want the local bobby to be their friend ,and when they do something "wrong" to grab them by the scruff of the shirt collar and tell them "I'll be round to see your parents -now get off home" -without fear of a disciplinary hearing because some lawyer wants to make a few hundred pounds.

If you treat kids as kids that is what they will remain, if you treat them as adults they will turn into Yobs before you can turn around

So repeal the stupid and senseless laws that stop our children from being children, and make them fodder for the courts , for they will grow up soon enough.


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