I believe all legislation relating to Anti Social Behaiour should be repealed and the Police should be encouraged to use the Justice of The Peace Act 1361. The reason for saying this is quite simple, if someone is causing a nuisance or their behaviour is anti social but not against the law, it is most likely to be Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace. A Police Constable may arrest anyone whose behaviour is such. The Person Arrested must then be taken before a Jusice of the Peace (Magistrate) where he can be bound over to be of good behaviour for a period of time or be liable to lose a some of money as laid down by the Magistrates. When I was a Police Officer we used this Act of Parliament to good effect many times. Anti Social Behaviour Orders just seem to be glory badges to many youths.

W L Roberts

Why is this idea important?

It removes legislation that was never required but was purely a Political Gimic and lets the Police use a useful peace of legislation that has been law for over 600 years. Of course Parliament may wish to update this law but I see no reason for doing that.

When I was a Custody Officer in the 1980's I used this legislation to deal with a landlord who was receiving rent on a flat and moved in to get the lawful tenant to leave. The Local Beat PC having found him on the premises arrested him for Conduct Likely to Cause a Breach of the Peace. As he was arrested too late to attend Court that day which was a Saturday he was detained until Court on the Monday morning when he was Bound Over to Keep the Peace. He caused us no more trouble

W L Roberts

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