i wish social workers could go from house to house to look for the elderly who live by themselves and start monitering  their mental states so that they get help before they get worse only to end up occupying the hospital beds waiting for assessment by social workers and looking for placements for them when it is too late.

Why is this idea important?

My idea will provide space in the hospitals  for those patients who  genuinely need the beds more than the elderly who occupy them while waiting for where to live.The elderly will live better lives if they are sorted out in the way of homes before they are badly confused. it will enable the old people to sell their properties while still knowing what they are doing because they would get advise if the social workers feel that there is need to do so depending on the signs the person is having.it will save money on the transport that is used to ferry them in the ambulances.The nurses will be consentrating on the ill persons instead of worrying about the elderly falling out of beds.

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