That the suicide act and any other relevant acts are updated to allow those who are competent adults and  terminally ill and/or  are permanently incapacitated to the extent of complete dependency with no quality of life to at their request only be allowed to have an assisted death. For those who assist them in this to be free of any charges against them.

If we have a right to life we also have a right to death.

We as individuals also have a right to choose life even if it costs the NHS money .We have a right to have food and liquids continued in hospitals even if there are no clinical benefits if that's what an individual chooses. We also have the right to choose alternative means of getting well outwith the medical profession. This should not be excluded from hospitals merely due to closed minds.

Why is this idea important?

Because for too long the medical profession and organised religion has had control of life and death and not the individual concerned. As a result death is something although natural is feared.

We as individuals have the right to choose life or death not any one else!

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