My idea is to to make UK the destination of choice for pursuing Higher education(Post graduate studies and Phd) especially in the fields of science and engineering to student around the world.Thereby having promoting high quality research which should eventually lead to innovation and perhaps birth of new generation of British companies.

There has been a lot of talk about capping immigration from Non-EU Nations.But if closely analyze most of the immigration coming from Non-EU nations are generally highly skilled personnels such as engineers and doctors especially from South Asia.At same time if you analyze the immigrants from EU nations they generally are low skilled labour.

In this era of increased globalization due to low cost of labour present in countries like China and India most of the low skilled jobs will move to these countries.The only way Britain can improve its economy is by innovating especially in the fields of engineering& science.This countries like Britain,Germany and US have the key.I am from actually India where research is usually never encouraged and funds are very difficult to get . Moreover we don't have the facilities to conduct world class research. Many engineering graduates in India actually tend to go for higher studies in US instead of UK because of funding available.The ones coming to UK are not so brilliant ones who couldn't get into a good US universities.

But if you want to change this and attract the best student to your universities you will need to do two things.First make it easy for Non-EU students to work in Britain who have done their masters or Phd in British Universities.Second Make it easy for international students to get studentship and funding in Britain.

My idea revolves around the first.The post study visa which is of 2 year duration currently enforce is not much of use because you cannot extend the visa or convert into Tier 1 visa by yourself.The companies are reluctant to support you for Tier 1 visa due to the procedures and cost.They expect you to convert you immigration status to one where they can hire you directly.

My idea is make the post study  visa of 3yrs duration and convertible to Tier 1.Provided the candidate can show that he has worked in an engineering/science related job in Britain for at least 2 years out of those 3yrs.And other conditions such as he completed his post graduate education/Phd in a British university.This will not hamper British undergraduate prospects in UK as the post study work visa will be eligible to post graduate students.I must add very few British students actually pursue post graduate studies in Engineering/Science fields.

Secondly make it easy for international students to get Fully funded studentships and funds for research.This will encourage them to do research and innovate which will eventually help fuel the British economy.If you take this idea seriously and implement it you will get the cream of determined international students to do high quality research and replace US  as destination of choice for post graduate studies in the field of engineering/Science.I personally love to come and do research in an UK university.

Why is this idea important?

Most of the jobs outsourced are low skilled one due to low labour cost and the British pound is very strong therefore Britain cannot compete with likes of China & India.So only way to get British economy going is to innovate which China & India are pretty bad.But as I know many British student dont pursue post graduate studies to fill the void  you need to attract from the rest of the world.Mainly it is Indians,Chinese,Japanese students who have the brains and patience to do research work.These research works may lead to spin out companies eventually leading to the likes of Google,Yahoo etc.which will eventually lead to employment of many British student.

Think about it.It a long term solution to get British Economy running again.The City isn’t the only economy that can run Britain. I hope I contributed a good idea and you are free to contact me


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