Germany has prospered over many years in business partly due to their excellent and fast inter-city road system. It's about time we stopped being so restrictive and opened up our motorways to Autobahn style speed limits. Of course we should keep tight restrictions on speed in 30, 40 & 50 and road works limits in order to protect workers, pedestrians and children, but we need to open up 60 and 70 limits to unrestricted speed in sections of road that are safe to do so and when the weather is suitable. Modern road camera systems are already capable of detecting weather conditions and temporary limits can then be applied. Modern cars are fully capable in terms speed, braking and safety features, so a 70 max speed limit is just too restrictive for the UK's internal business growth. Germany has proved time and time again that unrestricted speed limits on appropriate roads is safe and they also aid the countries economy in so many ways. 

Why is this idea important?

It is important for business first and foremost. It is also important for entrusting the population to get their speed correct and to stop punishing the public for minor speed offences that are in no way dangerous but have to be applied by a traffic officer. These committed officers can concentrate on more important issues of the road like traffic flow and dangerous loads etc. Also, allowing higher speeds can reduce the frustration some drivers feel and therefore possibly remove an element of aggression that so many times causes accidents. 

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