Write a book, Write some music, paint a picture, photograph a scene etc. and the author AUTOMATICALLY gets 50+ years copyright cover WORLD WIDE. BUT invent a product, or make something in 3D and you currently DO NOT get the same automatic, powerful copyright cover. Instead you have to Pay (A LOT) for a patent, or design registration. 

Try and extend this patent cover to other countries and it costs even more, then after a long winded, expensive process, you may get a patent – but then to stop an infringement you have to have the patent in each country and expensive lawyers to make it stick.

Unlike copyright, where you pay nothing, To keep a patent 'alive' you have to pay an annual fee these fee's usually go up each year and have to be paid in each country .. some countries fees are very expensive.

Why is this idea important?

UK is a nation of inventors, innovators and creative people .. a HUGE export.

Come on government give us a break !  Sir James Dyson has fought this issue, as has most inflential inventors – like its an author of musicians right to have copyright in his'/her work…. it should  also be an automatic right to have similar copyright or design rights (but with the same 'teeth' as copyright) for 3d designs, products and inventions. 

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