I recently visited the Princes Royal Hospital in Telford, went to the dermatology department, was greeted politely and told yes this is the right department but you have to tell reception you are here so they can tell us your here, two people to tell each other I’m there.

Reception the walk to the department umpteen times a day to take medical notes for each patient even though they have a pre booked list, why not take them once in the morning and collect them in the evening?


Whilst I'm waiting I see and over hear three ladies having a discussion over some liquid spilt on the floor, after five minutes I had to say to them why don’t one of you clean it up or give me a mop and ill do it then you could get on with something more meaningful! It’s not that simple sir it may not be our job and so they resumed their discussion!


Fifty minutes later I see the Consultant, who asks me if I would like her to recommend to my GP a suitable prescription even though she could have done it her self, adding they may not want to do this, so if he doesn’t call the department and we will prepare the prescription in the hospital pharmacy, gives me leaflets on various medications for my consideration, who is the Doctor here?


So, off I go to the surgery, at reception I asked is it possible to ask one of the Doctors if they are prepared to give me this, no sir it will have to go into there in box it will take 48 hours, but I need it now I said, well I can make you an appointment for later on, can anyone see the point in that other than the Doctor obtains another fee, I explained I had just seen a consultant I don’t need to see a Doctor, anyway stupidness prevailed, so I have to drive home and drive back, a wasted journey (what about the environment Doctors) and if they will not prescribe it another journey to the Hospital.



Why is this idea important?


The bureaucracy and lack of joined up thinking in this Hospital must surely be unrivalled, however I’d wager it isn’t and it should be addressed now.


They must think the new Government are as easy as Labour were to pull one over on, now you’ve told them there exempt from cuts they will have six people in the next spillage meeting, and the Doctors will need to recruit more Doctors to handle all of the unnecessary appointments, thus more money will be chucked into the NHS black hole!!!!!!

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