Repeal ALL the laws which have been brought in since 1997 and start over again from that point.

Why is this idea important?

We have had over a dozen years of pointless, often harmful, legislative tinkering. It has not been necessary to have had dozens of laws whose lack of efficacy has been apparent from the outset, which were introduced simply to make a political point and not to make anyone's life better or simpler or freer.

There are too many statutes, created by the last government, which have not been thought through properly. As a result there are many, many cases of people being innocently caught out by the 'unintended consequences' of these shoddy and badly scripted laws.

Where common law once provided for our society, statute has taken its place.

Under counter-terror laws, photographers and train-spotters have been threatened with arrest; under health and safety laws, council teams  roam the country's cemeteries to ensure which gravestones are going to fall over; under vetting laws, nine million people, many of them volunteers, will have to show they are NOT potential child-molesters.

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