To repeal the present law which permits bailiffs (both private and court-appointed) to enter private homes.

The present law is as outdated as the thankfully long-discarded laws in respect of debtors' prisons and direct imprisonment of citizens for debt.

Why is this idea important?

European and UK law is supposed to protect the right of citizens privacy and right to family and home. To allow persons calling themselves "bailiffs" to enter a house and take property is outrageous and a throwback to Victorian or even mediaval times. It is also unnecessary. Debts subject to CCJ or other court order should be recovered by existing measures such as attachment of earnings, sale of houses or other very valuable real or moveable property only (stocks, bonds, cars over value of £30,000 etc), NOT by seizing personal; property, less expensive cars etc.

This is a long-overdue measure to protect the human rights of citizens, particularly poorer citizens.

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  1. the current laws should be scrapped and entirely renewed as per above. Through very bad personal experiences i know that bailiffs work outside of the law, break the law and work with what appears immunity from any act. What is worse is that the police do not know the laws themselves and seem to always accept what the bailiffs say and ignore the householder. More people should file harassment and assault charges against the bailiffs.

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