One of the laws that made me angriest under the last government was the change to allow bailiffs to break into a property to seize possession.  After hundreds of years, it was hard to see why this was suddenly necessary.  I think the law should be restored so that bailiffs can no longer break in.

Why is this idea important?

I live in a rented house.  I have received a threat of court action for the landlord, which I forwarded on, but I get letters for previous tenants for monies they owe, and I have no forwarding address.  I worry that a CCJ will be made against them, and the bailiffs might break in and wrongly seize my property.  Most people I know who have lived in rented property have had bailiffs knocking on the door for previous tenants, so any checks about who actually lives there clearly aren't perfect.  The suggestion that they might not have to knock on the door is outrageous.  This is legalised burglary.  Bad enough if it's your own debt, but when it's not….  This is an abuse of the state.

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