In a democracy, with Rights go Responsibilities and Obligations. The Human Rights Act  has unbalanced British Law to the detriment of  the law-abiding majority, fairness in society and good governance.  A  new law to establish the minimum obligations attaching to both entry to and citizenship of the UK which the courts would consider as a prerequisite to Human Rights considerations should be enacted. 

Why is this idea important?

The provisions and good intentions of the Human Rights Act for the procection of the rights of the individual are too often interpretted by the courts in a manner which overrides the needs, wellbeing and rights of the majority of UK population. The Act undermines many of the well established provisions of British law and is unduly weighted towards absolving individuals of their wider obligations and responsibilties to society and their fellow citizens.  It is increasingly being used by those who wish harm to country and society. The Act and the judiciary's interpretation of its provisions need rebalancing.

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