All forms of cannabis and MDMA should be de-criminalised


a) Crack should remain illegal;

b) The amount of cannabis, MDMA or alcohol you take before getting behind the wheel of a car should be zero;

c) Where smoking bans exist they should be extended to encompass cannabis as well as nicotine;

d) Alcohol, cigarettes and the two newly-de-criminalised drugs should all have really high taxes levied on them.

Why is this idea important?

a) The amount of my money as a tax-payer spent on the police stopping people from enjoying themselves would go down;

b) The amount of police time diverted away from stopping people harming / stealing from other people would be reduced and the detection rate for real crimes would go up;

c) People would drive more safely;

d) Recent improvements in indoor air quality would be upheld;

e) The Treasury would gain shedloads of badly needed extra cash!

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