Parents' rights are being abused by a dictatorship country. Parents mostly have their children for themselves, and not for strangers to steal. Forced adoptions by the government according to Children's Acts, abuses the rights of parents, in forcing adoptions against parents wishes, often based upon false evidence and lies by social workers. This should never be allowed to happen, yet it happens frequently in our borough of Islington and indeed other parts of this country.

Change the Children's Act. Disallow and abolish the Local Authorities privalage to request placement orders, which gives them the power to dispose of children by adoption. There should be no need for adoptions. Where the child has parents or living family and friends who could help to care for them, they should be invoved. And even so, a child should not be given a false set of parents, the child should only ever need to identify it's real parents as parents, and anybody else, as guardians.

Change the Children's Act, so that a child does not have to face cross race adoptions/ guardianships, as this causes racial identity confusion, and racists are using this loophole in the law, to racially confuse children, in their bid to anialate what races they don't like, worse than what Hitler did.

It should be made law that a child has the right to be placed with persons, with whom it can racially identify eg according to biological parentage. Children are known to thrive best when they have a clear identity about themselves.

Why is this idea important?

Many children are being abused and placed for adoption against their wishes nor the parents wishes, because of this power given to Local Authorities, to request placement orders for petty  reasons, live new parents needing parenting advice, classes or guidance.

Children are not pass the parcels nor commodities that anyone should put up for auction or for sale nor transferance. It is morally wrong.

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  1. We agree with everyone about children should stay with there own families not strangers our daughters children was only supposed have been put in temporary care while she got herself sorted we was even refused by social services to take care of our grandchildren we was seeing the children quite often then all of a sudden we all was told that the children are going for adoption they never gave her a chance to prove to them she can look after them and now she as lost them altogether now because they have been adopted even without our daughters concent

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