Every day we read of people being frog-marched to cash-points to withdraw horrendous amounts of money to pay off the bandits posing as car-clampers. The sums involved bear no relation to the supposed offence or to the work involved. Often the 'offences' are 'justified' by some miniscule out-of-sight notice. It is a disgrace to a civilised society that this has been allowed to blight people's lives for so long. Obviously we need to have some degree of control over where people park – but the application of these regulations should be directly under the control of a responsible authority eg the local council – not in the hands of this mini-maffia.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is imporant in that it sends  a signal to those elements of low-life who continually scheme to find some loophole by which they can legally rob the population. In addition, we need as a population to let our politicians know that we expect them to get this sorted, pronto.

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