To ban the long and costly consultation process that has become obligatory before new laws are introduced in the UK – a law enacted by Tony Blair's Labour government.  

Why is this idea important?

The consultation process should be abolished as it is demeans parliament and the British public.  The UK has one of the few democratic insitutions – parliament – where laws go through a lengthy democratic process of three readings and verbatim records are published in Hansard which the public can read.

Already the British public are excluded from any knowledge of most of the laws directly affecting their lives after successive British governments handed such powers to Brussels without their consent.  The seventy per cent of  laws originating from the EU Commission and European Parliament are made in an undemocratic process where there is no public debate, the time for making speeches is limited to a few minutes and there is no public record. 

Why have a parliament if it cannot serve its people properly and debate its own laws without an artificial "consultation process" that generally leads nowhere?

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