The Care Quality Commission is yet another quango dreamt up by the previous government and as such requires scrutiny  as to its validity. As with all these quangos they start pervading aspects of our lives that we never intended. I suspect this is driven by the fact that this sitting body will find it impossible to ever say that their job is done. They are born to legislate and therein lies the problem. They need a strict and narrow remit at best or preferably, disband these beaurocrats to find a more meaningful purpose.

Why is this idea important?

 The unnecessary legislation proposed by the CQC will not benefit patients and will just sink every dentist further underneath the already heavy pile of beaurocracy. It is an almost  daily occurence that we have mail telling us of further compliance. It has now reached levels of absurdity with yet more compliance companies joining the band wagon to charge practices to administer these sheets of paper. Has anyone sat down to calculate the cost of all this time to shuffle sheets of A4 with boxes ticked and serving our staff with sheets of A4 informing them of their rights and responsibilities. If we were to take this in all seriousness there would be little time left in the week to conduct clinical dentistry. Independent studies calculate the cost will be many thousands of pounds to implement the proposed rules. We are told to practice evidence based dentistry. This quango is proposing onerous regulations with no evidence at all!

Dentistry has to have a business aspect to it and inevitably all these costs will be passed on to patients. How would they feel if they were told that signicant sums of their fees are wasted on beaurocracy? We already have numerous layers of regulation by various bodies. We do not need another one!

On a slightly aside issue – all this wasteful and time consuming compliance has a more insidious aspect. Most of us have families that we would like to spend time with. Increasingly this side of the business is affecting our personal lives. Many of us (and not just dentists) have found that our job satisfaction has gone. We are doing little of the stuff that we enjoy doing in direct patient care and this erodes greatly on the work life balance. I speak to many of my patients who are in business with the same grievance.

I applaud the notion that someone at the top has had the perception that the British public are totally despondent with all this nonsense. Please can you take it one step further than just a chat and have the courage to throw out all the proposed compliance and large parts of the existing. I suggest putting in a 'predatory anti quango' to kill off all these useless bodies and all their depressing, useless rules that burden our lives. Go on – do it ! You have about 50 million British public behind you waiting for it to happen. Please do not listen to those that say it cannot be done. Prove to us that you are different to the rest and are brave enough for it.








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