Local authorities receive financial incentives for getting children
adopted – FACT.
If forced adoption was outlawed, the money for these incentives
would no longer need to be provided.
This however would result in more children being in care – which
costs money…  But hundreds, if not thousands of children in care
have been taken from innocent families and should never have been
taken into care in the first place.
If children were taken into care based on evidence-based harm only
(in the same way as in a criminal trial,) the number of children
being taken into care would drop dramatically.   Such children who
have not been proved to have been hurt should then be returned to
their parents.  The care system is currently bulging at the seams
and the government is paying out massive amounts of money for
foster carers needlessly.
Time and money is wasted on taking children into care
unnecessarily. This DESTROYS families and CREATES child abuse
(emotional harm from being taken away from loving family) where
there was none to begin with.
At the same time, these injustices are being allowed to carry on
due to the Family Courts being held in secret.  Family Courts
should be open and have a jury, as in a Criminal Court.

Making these 3 changes alone would save the government millions of
pounds every year:

1. Ban Forced Adoption
2. Children to only be taken into care if it is proved by way of
evidence (as in a criminal trial) that the child has been abused.
3. Family Courts to be open and have a jury, (as in a criminal

These changes would make the child protection system far more
effective, children would be safer and more children and families
would benefit than they do now


Why is this idea important?

Since forced adoption was introduced, the number of Social Care
referrals have rocketed due to the ‘Baby P effect’.  Due to the
focus on adoption, Social Workers focus on young, healthy and
attractive children to target so that their records show they have
intervened to ’protect’ enough children but they don’t have the
problem of having non-adoptable children costing money in the Care
system for years on end.  Make no mistake about it, Social Workers
deliberately choose children for adoption who have not been abused
and who come from loving, secure families as they will be adopted
easier.  They then create a child abuse story by writing reports
full of lies so they can get the financial reward for the adoption,
and the recognition for cracking a so-called ‘child abuse case.’

This is no exaggeration, it happens in the UK every day.  I know
this because it is happening to my family right now, and since this
started happening to us I have met many other families that have
gone through or are going through the same thing.

It is easily one of the biggest scandals in the UK today.
It must change NOW.

6 Replies to “Ban forced adoption and save £millions”

  1. i dont think a child should be takin from a loving home an placed up for adoption unless there is proof that a child is being abused.they let drugies keep there kids an in return take a child from a family that hasnt done nothin wrong.

  2. I think the law needs changing ASAP, but how do we go about doing this, even with newspaper attention petitions and panorama, nothing is happening and it is being ignored. How can the law be changed??

  3. I hope these people suffer for their wrongdoings – there’s a special section in Hell reserved for these POSs.

  4. Money making scam. It’s wrong!!! There’s too many kids being adopted for no reason. Unless abuse Is proved this should not happen. It’s destroying family’s & should stop…

  5. I think this needs to stop now. I am going through this at the moment and i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy i have never abused my child i haven’t even got a criminal record but still they chose to take my boy and put him up for adoption. This is preventing the children that are being abused to end up dead. My opinion is STOP FORCED ADOPTION

  6. In 2004 I had my First child Angelus Charles Cheer he was born with diaphragmatic hernia had to have a operation soon after he was born in princess Anne hospital in Southampton He was later transferred to the Isle of Wight hospital in neonatal That’s where social worker first came to talk In Southampton I couldn’t pick up and hold my baby he had wires etc monitoring him etc I didn’t know if I was allowed to pick him up when back on a low as no one spoke to me or supported me Angelus later went to children’s ward to he was 6 months old from there he went into foster care with A Sue Bailey I had contact 3 days a week 3 hrs each time and on call for hospital appointments etc I had post natal depression Other than a pill I had hardly any support at this time I found it hard to bond with Angel and my relationship With his father was still very new Had some problems still NO SUPPORT from social services In the end The Foster carer Sue adopted him not by my choice
    In 2007 I had My 2nd Son Paolo Angelo Alderton He went to foster care at 9 Days old from hospital I had contact everyday I did bond better but since he was in care I didn’t feel close as I would like to of been I started getting Paul McKenna books First I started with the Confidence and I have most of his books they helped when no one else would
    I had to stop breastfeeding Paolo as I wasn’t able to be there 24/7 he was in care And they also dried up so no milk
    When Paolo finally come home he was over 1yr old l lost something in that year mum and son closeness The foundation was not set with me
    When home I did spend loads of time with him playing feeding and talking I tried to bond with him by having fun with him he saw me as ‘fun mum’ who did everything he asked me to do run with him pretend play etc as soon as I said no or can’t do that etc he started to say nasty things and hit me I’m not trying to blame him or anything like that No one helps social services think I must of done something wrong I hugged him a lot talked played helped him with homework which later told me I was stupid and didn’t know things When I tried to tell Kayleigh the first Social worker she come round 3rd week into November 2015 (Which by the way Donna the social worker just become a social worker) about Paolo Behaviour she just said I must be blaming him I was asking for help Anyway it turned out Paolo was 4Lb underweight he was a fussy eater only eat certain foods I/ we tried spaghetti bolonege Rice vegetables etc it was really different it was easier to give him spaghetti from a tin on toast chicken nuggets Fish Fingers jacket potatoes Weetabix shedded wheat toast etc as he would not eat any of it can’t go hungry so gave something we knew he would eat Also he loved running around riding his scooter etc he fidgeted too he couldn’t sit still
    In 2014 I was pregnant for 4th time (I miscarried about 2013) with my 3rd baby I bonded well with my unborn baby talked to my ‘belly’ and rubbed/stroked my belly etc After I gave birth I fell in love straight away looking into her eyes and holding her little fingers When I took her home I was so happy I sang to her breastfed her felt really close to her I wanted this with Paolo when he was born Social services took that away and never gave me any support or/and help Paolo possibly was jealous of Isabella and a I think mild case of ODD made worse when taken again on 4th March and Isabella was taken about 6months after Paolo on 17th August 2016 with a placement order On 8th November 2016 had Goodbye contact with Isabella
    I never hurt or neglected her so it was unfair she’s up for forced adoption
    I asked Donna Cronin social worker for help like counciling for Paolo and I she refused and left it out the reports and didn’t say anything in court either She left out everything positive left only made up negative things even lied We would and did everything we could to keep Isabella I did put her first and looked after her well Donna even told me so

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