Outlaw the posting of Junk mail to private addresses. In an age where we are all recycling,  it seems ridculous that we a re-cycling the very same rubbish that drops through our doors. We are supposed to throw it in with the old newspapers so that it can be returned to us again and again.

Why is this idea important?

1) It would cut down on paper useage and thus be enviromentally friendly.

2) It would reduce the amount of paper waste that goes to landfill, saving local authorities money.

3) It would protect the elderly and vulnerable from being taken in by bogus junk mail and scams from illicit people and companies.

4) Ligitimate companies or individuals wishing to advertise should register with their local authority and be granted a licence to ensure that they are fit and proper people to ply their trade.

5) Create a local authority magazine paid for by those 'bona fide' people/companies wishing to adveritse, having been vetted by the local authority.

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