Loud music that is produced physically, electronically or mechanically should be banned between the hours of 20:00pm and 08:00am in residential areas if not from a licensed premises.

Why is this idea important?

Loud music especially in summer when less considerate members of communities amuse themselves at all hours can cause great misery to other local residents.

Being realistic no one objects to a party once or twice a year, but in some areas where for instance the perpetrator might not be working or not have to get up the following morning in line with the vast majority of general sleeping patterns it can become the norm. Ultimately leading to the Police being called wasting their resources and can end in violence or a breakdown in neighbour relations.

Sleep deprivation is also linked to many illnesses and accidents in and out of work.

Ultimately it’s a selfless act of the few which can impact the many and needs to be addressed.

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