Exhaust noise level should be tested as part of the MOT, with anything over a sensible limit being declared an MOT failure.

Why is this idea important?

Loud exhausts cause unnecessary noise pollution, encourage uneconomical driving and use of excess speed.

4 Replies to “Ban loud exhausts from use on public roads”

  1. Loud exhausts should come under the MOT and fail the test if over a reasonable limit

  2. Ian you old codger trying to ruin young people’s fun you effin clegger.

    If you are reading this then Ian Young is gay

  3. Well the comment from ricky tells you what kind of people have to make a show of themselves by having a BIG noisy exhaust they are the same people every one hates the ones who cause trouble outside shops damage property and generaly dont know how to behave realy a sad product of the chav society ive owned more sports and performance cars than your average car owner and never needed a BIG exhaust to stand out just a beautiful car well looked after but then again ive never owned a old banger like these under educated chavs with Big exhausts annoying hard working decent people oh by the way ricky you got any fulffy dice i can havefor my cosworth .

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