It is unfortunate that we live in a country where there are people who wish to use objects to there advantage to facilitate crime. It is well known that knife crime is rising in the United Kingdom and also that gun crime has increased since the bans, it is illogical to assume that restricting firearms will reduce crime as people who intend other people harm or fear will use whatever means necessary to accomplish this. Therefore surely as a society as a whole we should endeavour to address the root cause of the problems rather than restricting the freedoms of the citizens who are law abiding. I will repeat myself but for a good reason, it is unfortunate that we live in a society such as this, yet we do! In a hypothetic situation you have a man who steals purses while riding a motorbike, you take away his motorbike license and he uses a stolen motorbike, you ban motorbikes and he uses a bicylce then you ban bicycles and he does it on foot. The point of this is there are people who will commit crimes no matter how they have to do it. It has been shown statistically that crime did not go down after the ban on firearms it went up. It is unfathomable for me as a business and law student to understand the logic of the government in banning firearms and not addressing the causes of the crimes, of course one thing i do understand is that it was a "knee-jerk" reaction impeding on the liberty of free, law abiding, tax paying individuals of the United Kingdom and one that needs to be addressed. We have one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world and this is impressive yet criminals are just using other means while a vast number of people such as myself are subjected to highly restrictive and unfair laws.

It is clear to anyone and everyone that firearms in fact do not kill people, human beings kill people by whatever means necessary in there given situation and this is a stone cold fact, was there crime and murder before firearms were invented? yes of course there was and there still is now that there are major restrictions and there will be unless the problems faced by people feeling the need to commit crime are addressed and dealt with.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because there are alot of people in this country who are not allowed to participate in events such as target shooting and practical pistol which they would or in fact used to highly enjoy. It is not only a matter of personal freedom but one of ethics, is it ethical to punish the whole for the actions of the few? We can see from countries such as Switzerland, where most households have immediate access to firearms including military weapons yet there is a very low percentage of firearm crime, this is because the root issue has been addressed.

People cannot understand that not everyone who wants to or does shoot firearms is a criminal. There have been extremely few instances where legitimate firearms certificate holders have committed criminal offences yet they are punished by extremely restrictive laws.

These are laws that needs repealing because they were knee jerk reactions to unfortunate events and did not even solve the problem yet impede the liberty and free will of civilians across the nation.

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  1. Gun crime has not been lowered by the banning of self loading rifles and pistols, both of which have their place in shooting disciplines. Both were banned as purely political moves.

    Our Olympic pistol team have to train in France… Absurd.

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