Make private parking companies illegal. For example the once who 'police' the car parks of stores.

Why is this idea important?

I do not see why anyone should receive a find that is not from the local authority or the police for parking.

These companies can fine people for parking for more than say 2 hours in a store car park but there is no legal requirement for anyone to pay as far as I can see. 

Who is to say that someone is not in a store for more than 2 hours if you are choosing goods?

Even if you are more than two hours these companies send fines for 70 pounds plus to the legal owner of the car. This amount is extortion and unfair.

People need to know that it is up to these companies to actually proove who was driving the car it it goes to court something which they cannot do.

These companies need to be made illegal and shops need to stop letting them set up in their car parks, I would rather the stores just made me pay  to park there.

3 Replies to “Ban private parking companies.”

  1. Quite agree and support you entirely.
    However, whoever wrote this article cannot spell or write correctly.
    PPC’s such as Parking Eye are utterly useless thieving bastards and need exterminating.
    If you put the comments you made and to which I quite support to a posh public school educated judge in court you will be laughed out of the court purely for failure to use correct English grammar.
    Can we somehow set up a campaign to rid UK of PPC’s. The motorist has had enough persecution already.

    1. Yes get rid of them! Getting money off honest decent people.
      Just dont pay the fines and the companies cannot run….think about it where else does there income come from.

  2. I support this idea. However, PPC\’s with an \’ is also incorrect and there are other grammatical issues with Kevin\’s comments, and such a tone would also not get taken seriously in legal matters.

    This is a campaign which needs to be mounted. What do these private companies actually contribute? They are making money immorally and unfairly, invoicing £60-250 for not parking in the right way or for exceeding an often small stay in a parking bay, and making it sound legitimate and official. I support dissuading their use and challenging their legality.

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