Ban Sharia Law as it through its very nature breaks Human Rights Laws, Anti-Descrimination Laws, Promotes Violence, prevents Equality and is bais against Women and Children

Why is this idea important?

If we don't over turn the huge mess that the Labour party made in 2008 by allowing Sharia in the UK (officially).

Then the current British Government is guilty of allowing the Abuse of Human Rights, allow descrimination, allowing and even promoting violence and prevent equality (specially for Women and Children).

This small addition of Sharia is only the beginning of Islam's attempt to convert our Democratic Society into one BIG Sharia Law governed country.

A Country where, Homosexual's are Hung, Women stoned to death, Childrens Genetial mutilated, Arms chopped off for robbing (even if you need to in order to survive), Etc, Etc, Etc.

Remove any and all Sharia Law courts now and make a new law preventing Sharia Law every coming into Britian again and more importantly Imprison/deport Imam's and others who attempt to make rullings based on Sharia Law.

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