Pubs have been hammered by the smoking ban financialy. Many traditional British pubs have been closed because of a lack of punters, who would rather stay in to enjoy a cigarette in the warmth with their drink. Also, with rising prices of alcohol on top of this, it has caused many pubs to struggle making money and many across the U.K have had to close their doors forever. Even after hundreds of years of being a functional pub in some cases.

I see sense only in giving the landlord/landlady a choice in whether 'his' pub should be a Non-Smoking pub or not. If the pub is serving food he should be able to have the choice in whether he wants a completely smoke free pub or a split pub with one smoking zone and one non smoking zone.

Why is this idea important?

Because the smoking ban ,one top of alcohol prices, has created a huge threat to one of the most iconic aspects of British heratige, our pubs, and since the ban has become real our pubs have suffered financially and have found it hard to make ends meet.

In my eyes the landlord, or landlady, should have the choice in what she allows in her pub and a silly law like this, which dose not work between everyone, should be lifted in pubs if the owner decides to.

2 Replies to “‘Ban’ smoking ban in pubs. Give the Landlord/Landlady the choice.”

  1. Would they have to advertise on the outside of the pub that they were a smoking pub?

    Smoke free zones are like having a urinating area in a swimming pool. They don’t work. You can smell smoke throughout. If ANYTHING then it’s all or nothing.

    However I disagree with your assertion on the reasons for the pub trade being hit…

    Pint in a pub £3
    Pint in a can £1

    Meal in a pub £8
    Meal at home £2

    Going out for drinks is now an occasion and not a regular social experience…. this is direct pressure of the pubs pricing system.

    It’s about greedy breweries who force landlords to buy at inflated prices who naturally have to pass the cost over and in a society where disposable income has fallen it’s social activities that are the first to go.

    Yes smoking will have had an effect but that effect has been masked by underlying economic issues.

    But to your smoking point, in many towns and cities many people go into pubs at lunchtime to “get a breath of fresh air” from the pollution around…. keep the smoking ban

  2. totally agree i hardly go out coz of the smoking ban id rather be warm and dry 2 it wouldn’t hurt to have a smokers room , most of my friends who don’t smoke would rather sit in a smokers room with us than be sat by there own while the group of us go out for a fag

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