I strongly support democracy and an individual’s right to choose. However, choice does not mean causing harm to another. It is quite disgusting/irritating to inhale second hand smoke but more importantly HARMFUL. Walking behind a smoker on the roads is a very unpleasant experience in more ways than one. I have also had a smoker’s cigarette ash fly onto my shirt and burn a hole in it. Why should a non smoker be subjected to suffering on account of a choice made by a smoker? Why should a non smokers health be subjected to problems caused by second hand smoke? Smoking MUST be banned from all public places. Let one who chooses to smoke, smoke in the privacy of his/her home, car etc. By all means let there be private rooms in public areas for smokers to smoke but NO SMOKING in public places please. Since a non smoker can’t stop the smoker from killing with second hand smoke it is only right that the government get involved and ban smoking in all public places.

Why is this idea important?

To protect our health. To reduce litter. Cigarette buds not disposed properly can be a fire hazard. The choice to go to an establishment and not come out reeking of smoke.

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