The burkha is an ugly and unpleasant form of dress, but not as ugly and unpleasant as the attitude of those who think they have a right to enforce their petty will on others.  The values of our way of life (such as are left) are demonstrated by tolerance above all things and tolerance is often hard work.  Burkhas should be formally banned only in schools, medical facilities and courts of law.  For the rest it is sufficient that a non-judgemental education campaign advises the wearers that hiding the face in our culture is very offensive and if they wish to do it then they can expect some degree of cold-shouldering and general social isolation.  And would they like it, for example, if others wore balaclava helmets or Ku Klux Klan hoods?

Why is this idea important?

Petty bans such as this make more enemies than friends and are no way to deal with zealots

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