If we are to have the prolifferation of CCTV etc then it should be an offense to mask your features in any way. You should always be identifiable in public with NO exceptions.

You  should always be liable for your actions and this would include the veil, BP protestors hoods, G20 rioters face masks etc.

Why is this idea important?

Either ban covering your face or ban CCTV. You cant have both.

4 Replies to “Ban the covering of the face in public places”

  1. It is extreamly intimidating to come across any person who covers their face. Facial expression is vital in the ways humans comunicate. The recent violence will escalate if we do not change the law to protect the majority from the evil minority.

  2. The law needs to be changed quickly to stop this evil minority ruining the lives of the majority. They cover their faces so they can get away with the crime. We can not tolarate mob rule.

  3. It comes down to a matter of respecting anonymity, or encouraging transparency. Both are necessary for different reasons.

  4. The only part of this I agree with is the last line. We certainly should have a law making the vast majority of Britain’s CCTV cameras illegal.

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