As a rock'n'roll male of the species I have long hair and ear-rings.  I used to wear a suit when I worked for the banks as well.  They recognised the 'student' and 'arty-farty' factor, and how relevant it was to custom.

Many don't though, and the bullying can get pretty bad.

Your appearance is tied to who you are as a person.  It's part of your personality, and everything to do with that.  And linked to your mental health as well.  Bully someone for long enough over something as petty as fashion and you will harm them.

And if they're downtrodden will they be able to show any of the genius they once had?  It's unlikely, as they'll be too afraid to even think straight.

Why is this idea important?

Well, yeah.  I is an olde type Goth-Industrial, so I have seen some interesting fashion statements over the years.  And yes, most are no good for a modern workplace.  But…

Even toned down we get schdick.  And there is no point to it at all.  As I'm sure the nation has spotted, at 1 Trillion under, very few of us will be rich any time soon.  And this makes personal expression even more important to happy mental health.

Cultural richness, seeing as the financial bit has gone down the swanny.

This ties in with The Human Rights Act, Employment Law, all sorts.  But there is a psychology to it as well.  And that is what needs breaking really.

Street Fashion in it's many forms generates jobs as well as happiness.  So helps you survive the poor times.  So why are people being starved by employers ( left on JSA ), when they have skills coming out of their ears.  Simply as they have a nose ring, and a love of an 80's band who used more hairspray in one show then Steps used in an entire year.

It's a waste of skills.

The 1 year Unfair Dismissal Law comes in here as well.  The JSA Centre cannot carry out a sexist act ( blokes with long hair and a couple of earrings ), or a racist act ( non-indian people with nose rings ), but employers do it on the sly.   And you're back on JSA on a lie as  the manager was so unprofessional they brought personal stuff into the workplace.

And this street fashion also generates jobs.  Bands, designers, real life seamstresses, all-sorts.  It also helps live music venues stay open and employ more staff etc etc.  There is a real Industry to this.

And it really needs to survive.  We're already in oppressive times, things need to improve a lot.  Especially with no financial factor to look forward to for so many.  If there are no riches in the money column you need cultural richness.

And chicks in Bindi's are cool dammit! 😉


Much as there will be laws to repeal, and loopholes to watch out for,  I think this also needs a govt show of tolerance.  The Far Right have been known to take offence at anything not involving a shaved head and a sunday roast.  And they do not care about Law & Order usually.

So those loopholes need to go.  Seriously.  Just get rid of them.  They were daft in the first place, protected the wrong people, and were a massive waste ( 1 Trillion under ).  And it's creativity that will get us out of this.  Including abstract thinking, which lies in the realm of the arts afterall.  And that means letting the artists and geniuses do their thing.

Tony Blair reduced Legal Aid significantly last I read.  During his period as PM.  This will need repealing.  Or these people will not be able to protect themselves, and you simply carry on haemorraging talent.  Due to something as petty as music taste.  If everyone is the same, and no-one knows how to solve the problem, you're stuffed.

You need people that are 'different', just in case the biggest crowd can't do it.  What if the 'different one's' are all beaten up?  You're kinda stuffed then aren't you?

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