bank charges are a detriment to customers,they can leave a customer of a bank in a massive spiral of debts they cannot get out of,the agreement and contract we sign is a disgrace to the banking industry,its a package of services banks say,to me and millions of people its a licence to steal money ,plain and simple,there contracts are so tightly sewn up,customers have no recourse for complaint about the way they are put into force,they tie you in so you cannot get out,they are ruining peoples financial affairs as we speak,visit to see exactly what they have done to millions of people,my bank is a disgrace,thats why i closed my accounts,they are so far removed from reality it is unbelievable that anyone has any confidence left.

Why is this idea important?

my idea and views are important as the people of britain need to have stable financial institutions they trust,without this our country will be eaten away by negativity ,lies deceipt and sham organisations,bank charges must be stopped and money returned to its rigthtfull owners

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