Bankers, contribute to society!

Pardon this is not a repeal as more of an idea, and i ivite any one with knowedge on this to please tell me why it couldnt work all the top profit earners in the FSTE 100, 250 or whatever pay into a pot say 3% of all net profit for the top profit earner 2.5% for second place 1.5% for third ect ect and with that money the state could build schools for special needs learners, new nhs hospitals, beds feeding the homeless, hungry heating the frail or elderlys homes yes a direct tax on the (filthy) rich but think of the public realations and good publicity spin the companys could emplor, all im saying is top capitalists and profit earners get to the top by exploitation so why cant they give back a little to the people they exploit.

But they'll just invest capital in foriegn markets where no such rules exists, well make it a E.U policy for all countrys or hit them with Heavy fines (or jail) for turning there back on a country that is at war with terror.  

Why does this idea matter?

always make sure there is enough money for those who cant look after themselves.

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