There have been many cases of abuse of the planning laws by people who develop a site without having applied to do so and who are then allowed to submit a retrospective application to the local authority. Almost everyone knows that planning laws exist yet some deliberately proceed with development knowing that they can get away with it. I suggest that the ability to apply retrospectively for such permission should be abolished and that those who abuse the planning laws should be summarily prosecuted for so doing. I further suggest that the Planning Inspectorate quango be abolished and that decisions on planning matters be made to sole prerogative of local authorities. The Planning Inspectorate has little knowledge about such sites and yet are empowered to overturn the decisions of local authorities who are in a far better position to judge whether a particular development plan is acceptable in their area.

Why is this idea important?

Illegal developments of sites in Green Belt areas exist.   Travellers are noted for abusing the planning laws and getting away with it in most cases as they have become expert in manipulating the planning application and appeal systems.  The average citizen abide by the laws of the land but illegal development of sites is practiced by a small majority.   Abolishing the retrospective application regulations and abolition of the Planning Inspectorate quango would give power back to the local authorities where it should reside.   

3 Replies to “Banning Retrospective Planning Applicatiopns”

  1. This loophole is used cynically by property developers to ride roughshod over current planning laws. Whereas one or two minor amendments may be required on ocassion the use of this facility time after time to change the original plans should be outlawed.

  2. A very large extractor fan was erected by at the end of our garden in Janruary without plannoing permission
    The noise was unbearably loud.The fan was also very smelly.
    I complained .
    After a month of been batted from the Environmental Heath to Planning a retrospective planning application was applied for.Witness forms, 52 letters and Emails.appeals photographs. All time consuming and upsetting
    The joy of this summer was ruined for us and our lovely garden spoilt.
    I was furious as our daughter was taking her A levelsand would have liked our garden to study in
    It has taken 9 months of being batted from one department to another for the fan to be suitably altered
    I had a feeling that the Planning department of Thanet District councill was on the side of the restaurant and had no care to our happiness or health.
    I think retrospective planning applications should be abolished.It is a way around the planning law..
    The restaurant owner is an experienced businessmen having managed pubs before so he knew what he was doing
    I have asked for an apology from the Planning department, but no reply was given to me.
    I am still very annoyed.

  3. In the UK it is not generally an offence act to carry out development works without the grant of planning permission.

    If a retrospective application is submitted the decision should be the same as if works had not commenced.

    The possible redress is that if the authority feels that they would not have granted planning permission then they can take enforcement proceedings to seek removal. So in theory at least it is only the developer that stands to lose.

    So there is no real problem.

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